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Introducing our Exclusive Candy and Treats Hamper—a delightful selection of candies, sweets, and snacks that promises to sweeten your moments and brighten your day. Whether you're indulging in these delightful treats yourself or sending this joy-filled hamper to someone special anywhere in India, it's just one click away from delivering a world of sugary happiness.

Highlights of Sweet Delights:

  1. Blueberry Candy Stick (40Gm): A sweet and tangy blueberry-flavored candy stick for a burst of fruity delight.

  2. Lollies Stick (40Gm): Colorful and fruity lollipops that add a pop of fun to your snacking.

  3. Lollies Big (80Gm): Larger lollipops for more candy goodness, perfect for sharing and savoring.

  4. Trolli Mallow Choco Bananas (150Gm) Vegan: Chocolate-covered banana-shaped marshmallow candies, suitable for vegans.

  5. Trolli Apple Mallows Filled (150Gm) Vegan: Apple-flavored marshmallow candies with a delightful filling, perfect for vegans.

  6. Trolli Dino Rex (100Gm) Vegan: Gummy dinosaur-shaped candies that add an element of playfulness to your snacking, suitable for vegans.

  7. Trolli Vegan Kiss Gummy Candy (100Gm): Soft and chewy vegan gummy candies in the shape of sweet kisses.

  8. Slurrpfarm Millet Dosa Mix Beetroot (150Gm): A nutritious and beetroot-infused dosa mix, a wholesome choice for snacktime.

  9. Slurrpfarm Pancake Banana Chocochip (150Gm): Pancake mix with the goodness of bananas and chocolate chips, perfect for a delightful breakfast or snack.

  10. Fini Jelly Beans Doypack Bags (180Gm): A vibrant assortment of jelly beans in various fruity flavors.

  11. Kinder Joy - (Pink In Colour) 20Gm /F: A delightful treat with a hidden surprise toy, sure to bring joy to kids.

  12. Kinder Joy - (Blue In Colour) 20Gm /F: Another delightful Kinder Joy variant with an exciting toy inside.

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