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Introducing our Exclusive Family Chocolates Hamper—a delightful collection of chocolates and treats designed to bring joy to your family's taste buds. Whether you're sharing these delectable delights with your loved ones or sending this generous hamper to a friend or family member anywhere in India, it's just one click away from delivering a world of sweet indulgence.

Highlights of Our Family Chocolate Delights:

  • Bounty (57Gm): Immerse yourself in the tropical flavor of coconut-filled milk chocolate with Bounty.

  • Trolli Vegan Peach Mallows (150Gm): Soft and vegan-friendly peach-flavored marshmallow candies that melt in your mouth.

  • Galaxy Milk (30Gm): Enjoy the silky smoothness of Galaxy's milk chocolate.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables (20Gm): A delightful Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate treat with a hidden surprise.

  • Cadbury 5 Star 3D (45Gm): The classic Cadbury 5 Star chocolate, now in an exciting 3D format.

  • Kinder Joy - (Pink In Colour) 20Gm /F: A charming treat with a delightful toy surprise, perfect for children.

  • Kinder Joy - (Blue In Colour) 20Gm /F: Another Kinder Joy variant that adds excitement with a hidden toy.

  • Nestle Munch Nuts (32G): Crunchy chocolate with the goodness of nuts for a satisfying snack.

  • Brookside Choco Blueberry & Acai Pouch (33.3Gm): Dark chocolate combined with the flavors of blueberry and acai for a tempting treat.

  • Hershey Kisses Milk Chocolate Pouch (36Gm): Share the iconic Hershey's milk chocolate kisses with your loved ones.

  • Cadbury Nutties (30Gm): A timeless Cadbury treat with a delightful nutty twist.

  • Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly-Strawberry: Chewy strawberry-flavored jelly candies that everyone will enjoy.

  • Spencers Smrt Choice Wafer Chocolate (75Gm): Savor the crispy delight of chocolate cream-filled wafers.

  • Ferrero Rocher T-4 (50Gm): A luxurious assortment of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates.

  • Zubi Lollies Small (30Gm): Assorted small lollipops that bring a pop of fun to every bite.

  • Zubi Lollies Stick (40G): Colorful and fruity lollipops that add a burst of joy to your day.

  • Lago S/F Cocoa CRM Wafer (125Gm): Enjoy the satisfying crunch of cocoa cream-filled wafers.

  • Yan Yan Snack Strawberry Cream Dip Stick (50Gm): Dip these biscuit sticks into the creamy strawberry goodness.

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